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No space for viruses

Others claim it - we have it!
The quietest air purifier in its class.
Only 34db (A)* - normal operation.

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WOLF AirPurifier  - the quietest air purifier in its class.

Immediate assistance for hygienically clean air

The AirPurifier is WOLF’s space-saving air purifier for filtering out aerosols. It comes ready to use straight out of the box. The AirPurifier is designed for room sizes of up to 120 m2 per unit (quadruple air filtration rate) and uses a high-performance H14 HEPA filter (DIN EN 1822) in combination with an activated charcoal filter.

It is perfect for public buildings and businesses with an inadequate level of ventilation, such as schools, nurseries, universities, offices, hotels, restaurants, care facilities and fitness studios.

determined sound pressure level by the TÜV Süd:*

  • from 28 dB(A)until 42 dB(A)
  • from 400 m³/h until 1200 m³/h

The air purifier for professionals

The WOLF AirPurifier is the room air purifier for schools, restaurants, shops, fitness studios and offices from the specialist for clean room air.


WOLF AirPurifier - Schnitt

  • Effective separation according to DIN EN 1822 of > 99.995 % of particles such as bioaerosols (viruses, bacteria) as well as other pollutants through HEPA high-performance H14 filters.
  • Air outlet at a height of 2.30 m protects the students from unpleasant drafts and ensures an optimal distribution of the filtered air in the room.
  • Filter change indicator per filter including test function.
WOLF AirPurifier Schnitt

  • Super quiet operation - sound pressure level* of 34 dB(A) (in standard operation) in typical classrooms.
  • High air filtration rate of 4-6 x room volume** thanks to state-of-the-art EC fan technology (up to 1,200 m3/h)
  • "Break" boost function for increased air circulation. The Boost mode increases the air flow in the room. This further increases the ventilation efficiency when windows are open.
WOLF AirPurifier Schnitt

  • Odour neutralization thanks to preliminary stage with activated carbon combi-filter.
  • Presence detection with follow-up time to avoid unnecessary operation at night or on weekends.
  • Plug&Play: Socket connection 230 V, practical power supply cable with 3 m length, no structural measures necessary, unique and simple adjustment to room size.
WOLF AirPurifier Schnitt

  • Safe: tilt resistance due to prepared wall mounting.
  • User-friendly: Extremely simple operation with only 3 operating modes (normal, auto and boost mode).
  • VDI 6022 compliant: state of the art regarding hygiene requirements for air conditioning systems and devices.

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Ideal where ventilation is not enough

Regular ventilation is especially important in indoor rooms with several people during the current corona pandemic, in order to exchange "used" and thus virus-laden air for fresh, clean air. Air purifiers are used wherever extensive ventilation is not possible. Good air purifiers must be able to completely circulate or filter the entire room air at least four times, optimally six times per hour.

AirPurifier - Luftstrom

Hepa, activated carbon & Co.

The heart of the WOLF Airpurifier is the filter system. It cleans the air of dust, fine dust, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants. The pre-filter cleans the room air from coarse particles such as dust and hair. An activated carbon filter removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air and thus also unpleasant odours. The HEPA filter (H14) cleans the room air of fine dust and also removes pollen, mites, animal allergens, mould, viruses and bacteria from the air.


AirPurifier - Hepa Filter & Aktivkohle Filter

Facts about the AirPurifier

  • Scientifically confirmed

    AirPurifier reduces aerosol concentration

    Scientifically confirmed
    Real measurement data confirm the high effectiveness. On average, the air purifier reduces the aerosol concentration of a test aerosol by 80% within 30 minutes, locally even up to 90%. The reduction of airborne viruses, with an effectiveness of 99.995%, has also been proven by a hygiene institute.

    Luftreiniger Klassenraum Querschnitt
  • Criteria for good air purifiers

    Four points that a good air purifier must fulfil!

    1. Good air purifiers must be able to completely circulate or filter the entire room air at least four times, optimally six times per hour. At lower air exchange rates, only fine dust or pollen can be removed from the room air, but aerosol concentrations cannot be sufficiently reduced at lower rates according to current findings.

    2. Real HEPA fine filter according to filter standard DIN EN 1822: The term HEPA filter is not protected, which is why many supposed HEPA filters do not deliver what they promise. A real HEPA H14 filter separates up to 99.995% of aerosol particles and is certified according to DIN EN 1822.

    3. Volume: A device that does not disturb is not switched off (e.g. in a classroom where an atomic sphere of concentration should prevail). In classrooms, according to VDI 6040 or DIN EN 15251, a max. A-weighted sound pressure level* of 35 dB(A) applies; this corresponds roughly to the volume in a library or a quiet bedroom.

    4. VDI 6022 compliant design: To ensure that air cleaners and ventilation systems do not become a source of air pollution themselves over time, they must be designed and built accordingly. The use of suitable, durable, easy-to-clean materials is correspondingly critical. It is therefore essential to ensure that the air purifier is designed in accordance with VDI 6022.


  • Air filtration rate and volume flow vs. room size

    Room area / required volume flow

    Room area*** m³4x/h Air filtration (m³/h)5x/h Air filtration (m³/h)6x/h Air filtration (m³/h)


    Graphic filtration
  • Technical data

    Data AirPurifier
    Dimension BxTxH
    mm712 x 508 x 2354
    Air flow ratem³/h400-1200
    max. power consumptionkW0,28
    Max. current consumptionA1,25
    Sound pressure level*dB(A)28-42
    Electrical connectionV~ / Hz230 / 50/60



Where is the AirPurifier used?

Luftreiniger in der Schule


During lessons, potentially infectious aerosol particles accumulate in the classroom in sometimes very high concentrations, despite ventilation via the windows. The top priority is the health of the pupils, kindergarten children and students as well as the staff in the facilities and not least their families. Air purifiers help effectively here.

Study on the spread of COVID19 particles in classrooms

Luftreiniger in der Gastronomieumgebung


In the current corona pandemic, fast, uncomplicated and effective ventilation solutions are needed for restaurants, hotels and event locations. With the AirPurifier, WOLF offers the optimal solution thanks to easy installation (plug & play) and flexible set-up.


AirPurifier im Fitness


A continuous change of air is especially important in fitness studios. Physical exertion leads to a higher breathing rate, which in turn increases the aerosol content in the room air.

Especially in the current coronavirus situation, powerful air purifiers can effectively improve the air quality and enable peak athletic performance under hygienic conditions. During winter in particular, unpleasant draughts can be prevented by running an air purifier in the studio.

AirPurifier im Einzelhandel


Healthy and hygienic room air has a positive impact on the well-being of customers in the store. A natural, free exchange of air is often restricted or even impossible in retail stores due to shop furnishings and shelving. Especially under the current conditions requiring elevated hygiene, bakeries, drug stores, specialised retailers, hairdressers and cosmetic studios can set up air purifiers to ensure that customers feel safe during their stay.

AirPurifier - Büroumgebung

Offices & Conference Rooms

Offices, meeting rooms, common rooms or even conference centres generally have an above-average level of pollutants in the indoor air. The WOLF AirPurifier reliably filters pollutants, viruses and also odours from the indoor air and demonstrably reduces their concentration. Highly effective filters help to reduce the spread of pathogens and thus protect you and your employees.

AirPurifier in der Physiotherapie


Special hygiene precautions are required in areas where patients spend time in waiting rooms and treatment rooms. At medical clinics with increased risk of infection, it is necessary—in addition to disinfection of all surfaces and treatment rooms—to keep the room air as clean as possible and free of suspended particles/aerosols as well as pathogens. Air purifiers not only protect employees, they provide critical protection to elderly patients, who are the primary risk group.

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      The Easy-Lifting system also makes a major contribution to the hygiene of WOLF AHUs. Thanks to the sophisticated connection and transport technology, assembly-related leaks from heat exchangers or unit cubes can be virtually ruled out.

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    • Delivery time?

      An industry-wide unique combination of configuration and production, allows flexibility in the configuration of the devices and at the same time an efficient production with particularly short delivery times.

    • Do AHUs encourage the spread of coronavirus?

      There is currently no evidence to suggest that coronavirus can be spread through air handling and ventilation systems. Indeed, experts agree that good ventilation of indoor areas helps to keep the risk of infection down.

      In addition to systems being technically up to date and planned and installed correctly, they must also be operated properly and serviced regularly for operation to be safe and hygienic. Where these points are carefully followed, air handling and ventilation systems pose no increased risk of infection according to the experts

    • What impact does the use of filters have?

      As to the question of whether coronavirus can be filtered out using ventilation system filters, the first point to bear in mind is the size of viruses. Unlike bacteria, which, measuring 1-10µm are relatively large and can therefore be separated out efficiently by ePM1 fine dust filters, viruses are significantly smaller. The coronavirus measures approximately 0.16µm.

      Having said that, viruses are generally attached to aerosols or dust particles. Transmission is primarily via droplets. Droplets that people produce are 0.5 to approx. 15µm in size. From other viruses it is known that a 1µm-droplet can contain a sufficient virus concentration to trigger an infection.

      ePM1 filters separate out particles and aerosols, i.e. including droplets, down to a size of 1µm, depending on the separation efficiency. With higher separation efficiency, more of these droplets are separated out and thus remain in the filter medium.

      When filters are replaced during servicing, personal protective equipment (PPE) should therefore always be worn. This is true irrespective of the current COVID-19 pandemic, as it is generally unknown what substances have been collected in the filter.

    • What are the key points to remember regarding operation?

      For the operation of air handling and ventilation systems during the COVID-19 pandemic, recommendations have been issued in a joint communication by the BTGA (Federal Industry Association for Technical Building Installations and Services), FGK (Association for Building and Indoor Air Quality) and RLT-Herstellerverband e.V. (AHU Manufacturers Association).

      Fundamentally, continued good ventilation of indoor spaces is recommended, including in the current situation. Relative room air humidity should be between 30 per cent and 65 per cent. If the air humidity is too low, the sensitive mucous membranes in the upper airway are impaired, becoming more susceptible to viruses.


    *Sound pressure level at 1 m distance according to DIN EN ISO 11203 corresponding to volume flows of 400 to 1,200 m³/h, determined by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH.
    **calculated room volume of 180 m³ (60 m² and 3 m room height)
    ***Assuming a ceiling height of 2.5m