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Recall of UniAir outlet valves 125R and 125Q

Outlet valve UniAir 125 - precautionary replacement of the rubber seal

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Dear WOLF customers,


during continuous quality monitoring measures of our serial production, we detected that the used seal of the HAELIX exhaust valves  may be subject to premature aging. Under certain circumstances the originally used rubber compound can early become brittle, thereby influencing the mechanical properties of the component. As a result, the valves may become loose and can fall from the ceiling mounting. Affected are the part numbers 2577879 and 2577880 from the production period 01/2019 till 07/2021.


For reasons of preventive consumer protection and to eliminate the risk described above, we strongly advice for valves already installed to replace this seal with the improved version made from different rubber compound,  where embrittlement cannot happen anymore. The replacement is easy to carry out and can be carried out by you or by an installer.

We have prepared a contact form for you below, which you can use to register to request replacement seals. You will also find step-by-step instructions and an example video for replacing the rubber seal on this page.


We regret any inconveniences caused and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Replacement Instruction

1. Arrival of new sealing ring

You are in possession of a ceiling outlet valve from the HAELIX series and have already received the new seal when requested using the contact form below.

2. Removal of old rubber seal

Please remove the old sealing ring from the ceiling outlet valve by first pulling the ring outwards and then pulling it up in the next step. Make a note of the position of the seal.

3. Disposal of the old sealing ring

The old rubber seal can simply be disposed of in the residual waste. It is no longer needed.

4. Unpack the new rubber seal

You can now get the new sealing ring out of the envelope we sent you.

5. Replacement of the sealing ring

You can now easily attach the new rubber seal to the position shown. To do this, put the ring over the valve from above.

6. Control of the correct position

Finally, check the position of the rubber seal on the ceiling outlet valve again. The ring should be in the same place as you can see in the picture here.

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Order your replacement seal here

This is how registration works via the contact form:


  1. Enter your personal contact details in the form below. We need this to send you the replacement seal.
  2. Please scan your invoice or take a photo of your invoice and the device concerned.
  3. Finally, we need the number of sealing rings to be replaced as well as the invoice and purchase date from you.
  4. Have a little patience. You will shortly receive an envelope with the replacement seal from us!

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Further informations

You have further questions? 

Don't hesitate to contact us! 

If you have any technical questions or queries regarding processing, please contact our customer service team by phone: 08751/74-3333 or by email: Aktion-BKD@wolf-heiztechnik.de